The best thing to happen to the tax office since the calculator

Up until the 1960s, tax prepares had to work hard to calculate individual tax returns. But in the 1960’s, personalized calculators first became accessible, revolutionizing the tax industry. While there have been several advancements in the tax industry since the calculator. The best thing to happen to the tax office is ATOM.

A groundbreaking software developed in 2003.  ATOM is an all-in-one practice management solution to help those in the tax and accounting industry run their office more efficiently. After getting bogged down with everyday requirements such as payroll, task assignment and scheduling, Mark Pricco decided to create a product that revolutionized the industry.

ATOM is software specifically designed for the tax office with the intention of assisting offices with every day tasks. The all inclusive software application works to integrate a tax office’s already existing programs and streamline for efficiency and maximum productivity.

Just like the calculator’s did throughout the 60’s and 70’s, ATOM boosts the productivity, accuracy and overall performance of a tax office. The software program’s appointment schedule tracks a company’s historical data to improve staff knowledge of the client base to be better prepared to handle the varying levels of complexity found in different returns.

Offering you the ability to be a paperless office, ATOM gives each tax office the opportunity for safe and secure data storage without the hassle of filing cabinets and needing to track files and documents. Payment records, invoices and confidential tax documents are all safely stored and secured with ATOM software.

Regardless of the size of your office, paper schedules and time cards are a hassle, and can easily be lost or confused. ATOM provides one location for employee work schedules to be housed for easy access and viewing across your business.

Every aspect of ATOM was developed with the sole focus being to make a tax office run smoothly. Each and every feature was designed to be utilized by any tax office. Regardless of size, the result is the same; a fast, easy, dependable improvement. This is why our customers believe we are the best thing to happen to the tax office since the calculator!


The best thing to happen to the tax office since the calculator. –Larisa Humphrey, Abundant Returns Tax Services


About ATOM


Developed in 2003, ATOM is a practice management software solution designed specifically for tax and accounting offices to help assist with the day to day hassles that management and staff must face.


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