Client self check-in, secure online storage of documents and more!

Over the last decade, our society has become more and more driven to strive for efficiency and effective business practices that allow us to get more done in less time. Transitioning to a paperless tax office with software not only allows business owners to bypass many headaches by increasing productivity, they can also decrease their environmental footprint at the same time.

Automated Tax Office Manager, or ATOM is a paperless office software featuring a Client Portal that is designed to automate the workflow of producing tax returns efficiently. The software has a client self check in feature, securely stores client documents online and tracks everything from due dates to documents received to employee payroll and more.

Kathy Hallford

I love my Atom software!! Love the client portal, love the information on clients, the appointment scheduler and the easy of billing time. I just simply could not operate my tax office without ATOM!!

Gray & Associates CPA PC

We ABSOLUTELY love the client portal and our clients are picking up on it very well with few complications with the sign on.

Punch Clock with Time and Billing

When it comes to your business’s accounting, going paperless can significantly improve efficiency and enhance your internal controls. When ATOM was developed, it was designed to make operating a tax office easier. One key component was introducing a paperless option to monitor employee time and calculate the office payroll. The paperless benefits of this feature allows the employer to store all employee payroll data in one central location and eliminates the need to print or fax time sheets to a payroll provider.

Schedulers (Availability/Work/Appointment)

The scheduling component of ATOM streamlines employee’s schedules to allow access anytime, anywhere. In an office with multiple employees, tracking everyone’s schedule and requested time off can get convoluted, ATOM addresses those problems and condenses all information to one location.

The paperless scheduling option in ATOM also allows your business to schedule client appointments using historical data such as return complexity and preparation time. With that information in hand, you can better know your client and better meet their needs, improving your business’s customer service.

Workflow Automation

One of the greatest benefits of going paperless is workflow automation. By creating a consistent, reliable workflow pattern, your business will experience cost savings through improved time management.

Cost savings can be found throughout the workflow automation feature of ATOM. The software’s Kiosk screen allows client self check-in. Once a client checks in, your employees will be instantly alerted of the client’s arrival.

Employers can monitor client interaction through the software’s ability to automate and track internal process for all work types including tax, bookkeeping, financial planning and more.

You can communicate directly with clients through ATOM, eliminating the need for excess programs and email management systems.

Document Storage and Data Management

You are able to share files and documents without a trip to the printer and the cost of paper and ink. Storing documents online through ATOM’s secure software decreases the need for paper, filing cabinets and files.

All documents that come into your tax office can immediately be scanned and electronically stored, making it easy to send them electronically to everyone who needs it. All of your clients’ records are stored in secure portals versus having them misplaced and lost as hard files.

Probably the greatest benefit for your clients, ATOM allows them to access their returns online via a password protected site 24/7.

Paperless offices are becoming more and more mainstream. Our paperless office software was designed with the tax office in mind and with the intention of filling the void left by other software programs.  ATOM stores every document on secure servers that only authorized users can access.

By transitioning to a paperless business and implementing ATOM in your tax office, your employees will be freed to be more productive by including ideal search features that let them find and distribute important documents almost instantaneously.

If not just for the ease and convenience, ATOM will allow your business to grow into an more efficient, profitable office that can be managed and expanded at will.


About ATOM


Developed in 2003, ATOM is a practice management software solution designed specifically for tax and accounting offices to help assist with the day to day hassles that management and staff must face.


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