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The ATOM All-In-One Office Solution!

Process more tax returns in less time, with fewer hassles!


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Go green, be a paperless tax office!

The faster, safer way to communicate with your clients and employees

   Client Portal

This isn’t your typical Client Portal. We didn’t stop at just sending and receiving tax documents. With ATOM the client can send messages, schedule appointments, make payments, check tax return status, and much, much more. And did we mention they can do this all on their phone.

   Workflow Automation and Schedulers

Automate and customize your workflow to easily track client status from start to finish using embedded checklists to ensure work is completed timely and accurately along the way. ATOM’s unique appointment scheduler will optimize your employee’s time and abilities.

   Document Storage and Data Management

Securely store documents and digitized notes online for quick access anywhere.


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go green be a paperless tax office with atom


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Provide convenience for your customers with ATOM Software

Decrease your customer's lobby wait time and give them immediate answers since data is quickly retrievable and their records are stored in a secure portal versus a misplaced file. See for yourself and watch our recorded demo.

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