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Your support is superb, you support team is always there to quickly help. The software is exactly what we need to run the office efficiently and effectively with the greatest controls. Great software, I can recommend it for any tax operation

We have been using ATOM for 6 years and I love it. It is written by a tax office so they think like me.

Just had to leave a review! I have been using ATOM for several years now. I absolutely appreciate that every year (especially during Tax Season) I can count on ATOM to help "Keep Me in Line and On Task". Love talking with the Staff for Customer Service! The more I use the Software, I am learning the more beneficial it is for me to have ATOM as a Tax Professional!

The Owner and Originator of this system is a great guy! The team of trainers are skilled in the software, they use it in practical ways themselves. Learning about the system and the practical uses of it has been a great experience.

Wish I would have known sooner! This program should be promoted by Drake! 10 stars!!

Fair Tax has been using ATOM for about 10 years. I just want you to know that without exception every one of our staff loves the latest version of ATOM.  Dawnette has been super impressed with the training/help she received during the offseason.  I am particularly pleased with the portal feature and how easy/seamless it is. Thanks for having such a great software.

Jeff A Fair Tax Inc

The training was awesome. Customers service is good. All my questions answered and sometimes go extra miles to help! Great team. I will always recommend ATOM to other CPAS!

Best Software hands down compared to anything out there on the marketplace. nothing is even close to Mark Pricco's experience in the trenches as a seasoned Tax Pro & knows the challenges that I encounter every tax season. ATOM as helped shape our progress and its integration will be key to our firm' growth moving forward. Thank you to Mark & your awesome Team.!

Best office/document management software on the market! I've been using ATOM since 2011, at the beginning I didn't use it to its fullest potential and I'm still learning new things this software does. I highly recommend this software!!!  5 stars


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