The # 1 Practice Management Solution designed with your Office in mind

Unleash your full potential with ATOM Software. Seamlessly manage tasks, supercharge team collaboration, master time management, amplify personal productivity, and achieve work-life balance.

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The future of office management is here now!

Whether you are a CPA, an Enrolled Agent, a retail office, or a virtual office take control of your office with ATOM Software.



  • Boost Efficiency
    Boost Efficiency

    Centralize client information, optimize employee time, and improve your bottom line. Never lose client files again. Streamline your tax office operations with our all-in-one SaaS platform.

  • Paperless Document Management
    Paperless Document Management

    Access client files electronically, track documents, and eliminate paper clutter. Quick access for staff and clients with a few clicks. Cut costs and save time.

  • Tailored Workflows
    Tailored Workflows

    Customize workflows for tax preparation, bookkeeping, IRS resolution, and more. Our platform adapts to your business needs, ensuring smooth processes and reducing errors

tax management

A single calendar for all your services

Effortless scheduling for your customers and your employees.

  • Improve staff utilization by matching client return complexity with staff competency
  • Reduce payroll costs by using historical data to plan for future staffing demands
  • Online scheduling allows clients to request or schedule their own appointments
  • Allow employees to access their own work schedules
  • Create customized appointment confirmations, appointment reminders, both email and text
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Take your office to the next level with ATOM's Value-Added Services. True game changers in office efficiency.

Credit Card and<br />ACH Processing

Credit Card and
ACH Processing

Process payments inside client files or allow clients to process their own payments from the Client Portal. (Credit card merchant usage fees apply).



Send/Receive/Store client faxes within their file - AUTOMATICALLY! Never wait at a fax machine again. (See Sign-up form for pricing)



Send, Receive, Assign, Store client emails - AUTOMATICALLY! Never hunt through a cluttered email inbox again. (See Sign-up form for pricing)

Text Messaging

Text Messaging

Send/Receive/Assign/Store client texts within their file - AUTOMATICALLY! Never use your personal cell phone again. (See Sign-up form for pricing)



Centralize office phone with ATOM for VoIP benefits. Track calls, remote access, intercom & more. (See Sign-up form for pricing).

Peace of Mind’ Document Recovery Storage

Peace of Mind’ Document Recovery Storage

Sleep at night knowing you will Never lose a document again, even when you accidently delete it. (See Sign-up form for pricing).

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We will refund 100% of the software’s purchase price if you are not completely satisfied within the first 60 DAYs of purchase. This refund policy is good for the first licensed year only.

"How did I ever live without ATOM Software?"

Now I get to go home early, see my family, take a vacation, save money and my employees love ATOM!

Wish I would have known sooner! This program should be promoted by Drake! 10 stars!!

Best Software hands down compared to anything out there on the marketplace. nothing is even close to Mark Pricco’s experience in the trenches as a seasoned Tax Pro & knows the challenges that I encounter every tax season. ATOM as helped shape our progress and its integration will be key to our firm’ growth moving forward. Thank you to Mark & your awesome Team.!

ATOM Software is my Best Employee! It never calls in sick, it’s always there when I need it, and it’s available to me and my customers 24/7. It handles my workflow, employees and customers and costs way less than an office manager. It’s totally customizable to automate my operations and manageable from my cellphone. And my favorite feature is the client portal that handles routine requests like taking payments, checking refund statuses and requesting copies of tax returns, freeing me up to enjoy my time off after the busy season.

Michae. M Paula's SavTax

Fair Tax has been using ATOM for about 10 years.

I just want you to know that without exception every one of our staff loves the latest version of ATOM.  Dawnette has been super impressed with the training/help she received during the offseason.  I am particularly pleased with the portal feature and how easy/seamless it is.

Thanks for having such a great software.

Jeff A Fair Tax Inc

Please let everyone know, after spending sufficient time navigating the new atom setup, it’s a home run!  Well done!!!

Find out why we are...

The #1 Practice Management Solution designed with your Office in mind!


Your Secure Customer Client Portal

An exceptional Client Portal that goes beyond document exchange to workflow automation and schedulers that streamline your processes. Experience all the green benefits with seamless collaboration, enhanced data security and compliance, and powerful reporting and analytics.

  • Stay Connected

    Anytime, anywhere! 24X7 Communication made easy using your branded client portal. Share files, request files, accept payments, request appointments, and more. All from your phone.

  • Enhance Client Satisfaction

    Real-time communications. Where’s My Refund? What’s the status of my tax preparation? Appointment reminders. And more.


The # 1 Practice Management Solution designed with your Office in mind

Your gateway to office productivity excellence.

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