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All-in-One Software Capabilities

Experience our comprehensive suite of features tailored for tax and accounting professionals, including integrated client management, automated workflow, and secure data storage, empowering you to elevate your practice and deliver unparalleled results. Improve customer service and reduce expenses.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We will refund 100% of the software’s purchase price if you are not completely satisfied within the first 60 DAYs of purchase. This refund policy is good for the first licensed year only.

Access Control and Permissions

Set custom access levels and permissions to ensure that only
authorized personnel can access specific data and


Simplify learning and reduce costs with one comprehensive software application.

Appointment Scheduler

Allow customers to request or schedule appointments. A single calendar for all your services.

Automated Refer-a-Friend

Simplify referral tracking and generate referral letters automatically.

Automatic Notifications

Stay on top of deadlines, appointments, and important events,
and keep your clients informed every step of the way.

Batch Messaging / Birthday Greetings

Bulk emails, texts and client portal updates.
Great for client newsletters and holiday greetings.

Billing & Invoicing

Streamline revenue tracking, payment processing, and client
balances effortlessly.


Automate task tracking and integrate it seamlessly into your

Client Portal

Empower your clients with a dedicated portal where they can
access important information, updates, and project details in

Client Profile Management

From contact details to preferences and past interactions, this
feature ensures you have the information you need.


Automate routine tasks, manage leads, and nurture client
relationships, all within a user-friendly interface to optimize

Customizable Templates

Tailor emails, documents, and messages to match your brand
identity effortlessly, while delivering a professional and
cohesive image to clients.

Document management

Easily track and access client files electronically. Be a paperless office.

Electronic signatures

This functionality allows you to securely obtain PIN-based signatures from
clients, reducing administrative hassles.

Email, text and faxing

Send professional emails, SMS updates, and even faxes
effortlessly, all from a centralized platform. (See Sign-up form for pricing)

Employee portal

Access work schedules, appointments, tasks, messages, and time
clock from anywhere.

Employee work scheduler

Plan staffing needs based on historical data and enable online

Free training

Learning one all-inclusive software application rather than
multiple programs significantly reduce your learning curve and
training costs.

Intelligent data analysis

Discover patterns, trends, and valuable insights to make
informed decisions and drive your business forward.

Lobby management

Welcome clients and visitors with ease, manage appointments, and
ensure a smooth check-in process.

Multiple office integration

Access real-time data for all offices from one central source.

Online review

Encourage customer feedback and manage online reviews

Paper savings

Transition to a paperless office and reduce paper and storage

Productivity and project tracking

Monitor progress, set milestones, and collaborate seamlessly,
ensuring projects are completed on time.

Prospect portal

Capture and convert leads efficiently with advanced tools. Turn your website into a ‘sales funnel’.

Punch Clock

Record employee and client billable hours

Referral tracker

Identify top referral sources and measure ROI with ease.

Secure file sharing

Share documents and files with confidence using our secure file
sharing feature.

Self-service check-in

Boost customer satisfaction with quick and easy self-service
check in, from the lobby or from the parking lot.

Software compatibility

Eliminate redundant data entry with automated client data

Task assignments

Centralize and manage all your tasks for improved productivity.

User role management

Assign roles and responsibilities to team members, ensuring
everyone has the appropriate access and permissions,

VoIP Phone

Centralize office phone with ATOM for VoIP benefits. Track
calls, remote access, intercom & more. (See Sign-up form for pricing)


Web-based software

Hassle-free hosting and upgrades on dedicated secure servers.

Workflow templates

Automate routine tasks, manage leads, and nurture client
relationships, all within a user-friendly interface to optimize


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