Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)


Centralize your office phone with ATOM’s VoIP benefits. Track calls, remote access, intercom and more.  Most importantly, your employees can provide customer support from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Can you Keep Your Current Number?
Yes, you can Port your current number to Twilio for your phone line.

What Kind of Equipment Will You Need?
The ATOM VoIP system is built to be used directly in your current site. Any “speaker/microphone” combination that can be accessed in the device you use to open your ATOM Software will work.

How Much Does Twilio VoIP Cost?

ATOM Software fees for the application integration with our third-party vendor (Twilio) is $300 yearly. Fees are prorated at purchase.

Contact ATOM Support at 517-940-8745 for more information.


Twilio charges calls by the minute. The charges vary based on your internal Twilio setup, call volume, calls in, calls out, and conference calls. The per minute charges are accrued and billed to your credit account stored with Twilio.

See Twilio.com for more information.